As Video Content Specialist Sneha Sharma steps towards new opportunities, her friends and colleagues remind her how special she is

From ideating and scripting to producing and editing, there is much that goes into the work of a Video Content Specialist at Meesho, and Sneha Sharma did them all with a whole lot of heart. Having joined Meesho in October 2019, she has been the one-woman army behind the ever-growing Life at Meesho YouTube page since its launch. Her departure from the content team is going to be a heavy loss for her teammates and other colleagues.

In the last year, Sneha has taken up the challenge of working in unfamiliar territory. And, she was great at them. Even though her previous jobs included only producing shows and videos, she worked with gumption when asked to be in charge of video making from beginning to end. Not only did she manage to impress Meeshoites with her work, but also outsiders, one of whom even commented that Life at Meesho is one of the most underrated channels to exist on YouTube.

A dash of patience and then a whole lot of it

As a Video Content Specialist working with the overarching goal of employee branding, Sneha’s job relied heavily on coordinating with other Meeshoites. With the ongoing work-from-home situation, she often had to wait long for that one clip someone was supposed to send or for that one video slide that got delayed. However, she was always understanding and willing to work around it.

Her patience, kindness, and brilliance are qualities all of us at Meesho greatly appreciate, probably especially by Graphic Designer Chaitali Singh, who coordinated and collaborated with her quite a bit in the last year. She says, “You always say your Thank Yous and are extremely patient when video slides take a while. It has been so great working with you and I so appreciate your talent. While we will all miss you so much here at Meesho, I am sure you will rock in the new company. I wish you all the best in your new job!”

This sentiment is certainly echoed by another colleague who worked closely with Sneha during her tenure at Meesho. Key Account Manager Neha Patil, called Sneha one of the “most most amazing, creative active people” she had ever met in office. She added,“We have done a couple of shoots together and through it all her patience stood out for me. It is very impressive.”

Social Media savvy as she is, it is not a surprise that Sneha was also put in charge of various postings and engagement events on our various social media pages. She inspired many Meeshoites into participating in various activities and even calmed down certain contest non-winners when they threw a tantrum. She stepped in to make creatives when we had no designer to turn to and even helped out her colleagues with their work to the best of her abilities.

Queen of portmanteau, the giver of nicknames

And yet, it is not just at work that her brilliance is well-known or appreciated. In fact, if you know this fun-loving foodie, you have probably been assigned a Western-sounding nickname that has nothing to do with your own name. But, you answer to it anyway because it’s cute, irreverent, and seriously, why not? It makes you feel special to be called by a nickname custom-made for you, by one of the cutest Nepalis to exist in this world.

As her “luckiest friend” Bong puts it, “Sneha is the most understanding, fun, empathetic, strong-headed woman I know. Her knack for nicknaming people and abbreviating words definitely encourages us to rack our brains and crack the code!” Bong goes on to add that Sneha has always been able to “inspire the people around her with her zeal and optimism in the face any challenge.”

Inspiring other people to face life with a smile comes so naturally to her that even her former colleagues such as Khushboo Jain, look to “Kets” as a mentor. She associates a lot of her happy memories in the company with her pre-COVID workplace neighbor. Khushboo says, “You always had a crazy update to share; be it about Ananya Pandey’s latest cringe-worthy video or about that TikTok Joker’s new song. They are all still stored in my neurons! The future is looking so great for you, and my biggest hope is that you would create content in which I am the protagonist!”

Pop culture encyclopedia

Khushboo is not the only ex-colleague who discovered various pop culture references thanks to Sneha. Ramita Nalin who says she could not have “Meeshoed out” without Sneha in her life quips: “From being my partner in all things cocktails to my go-to google for all pop-culture quarries, you are a must-have in my life. Plus, you are the cutest advice giver.”

All this is to say that Sneha Sharma aka Keti from KTM aka Snuggs McBuns who waltzed into our lives and made it infinitely more joyful and cheerful, is one of the sweetest and greatest human beings to exist. She will be dearly missed by her colleagues at Meesho, and forever cherished by those of us lucky enough to call her a friend.

The real messages

PS: I really wish I could have written an Employee Story for you, but I hope this makes up for it a little bit. I had to slightly edit the lovely messages your friends shared for the article, but I wanted to save them as they are for you to read:

Sneha is the most understanding, fun, empathetic, strong headed woman I know. Her knack for nicknaming people and abbreviating words, definently encourages us to rack our brains and crack the code! :p On a serious note, she has always inspired many around her with her zeal and never dying optimism to face any challenge with a smile. Always keep shining, love. Your luckiest friend — Bong

Hey Kets/ Sneha! When I look back to those Meesho days, I cannot find any flaws with regards to my team but memories. You being my neighbor turned work into so much fun. You sharing with me the news about Ananya Pandey and that TikTok Joker with all those crazy updates are still stored in my neurons! I really wish you’ll create content in which I’ll be the protagonist!🙈 Love( Your Pre- COVID Meesho neighbor aka Khush) — Khushboo Jain

From being my partner in all things cocktails to my go to google for all the pop-culture quarries, I have and the cutest advice giver, I could not have meeshoed without you in my team 🖤- Ramita Nalin

thank you for your patience for e.g. waiting for a video slide, kindness (saying thank you everyyyy time :P ), it was nice working with you, you are so talented. I wish you all the success for the future and I know you will rock in a new company. We are really going to miss your work here. All the best in your new job! — Chaitali Singh

Sneha is one of the amazing creative and active person that I have come across Meesho. We have done a couple of shoots together and to the patience that she has got in her is very impressive. May you keeping rocking always. All the best for your future endeavours. — Neha Patil




A writer trying to get back into the habit of blogging. I write poetry, short stories, open letters, and so on, with a touch of humor and a whole lot of heart.

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Mangala Dilip

Mangala Dilip

A writer trying to get back into the habit of blogging. I write poetry, short stories, open letters, and so on, with a touch of humor and a whole lot of heart.

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